Today computers are no longer soecialized tools used only by scientists or engineers. They do not hum behind sealed glass walls in climate controlled environments. Computers systems are everywhere in places you can not see or would not anticipate to locate them. They are a fact of life,a common thread that ties our education,Work and home life.The importance of computer in our daily life will continue to increase.


To provide computer training to the underpriviledged children from the weaker section of the society at highly subsidized rates and provide free training to desercing underprivileged students.


Physical fitness is not only one of the most important key to ahealthy body,it is the basis of dynamic and creative Intellectual activity. Physical fitness helps to include the importance of Maintaining a healthy body,which in turn keeps happy and energized.Sound physical fitness promotes increased absorption of Nutrients,better functioning of digestion and all other phycholigical process and hense result in all round fitness.


Shree Saraswati Vidyamandir,Bajipura was established in the year 1984 as a Gujarati medium school in the Bajipura With 10(pucca) rooms and Primary Students 250 and secondary students 300 for the poor children of the locality. Within the span of 27 years the school has developed in to the most reputed school of the area and imparting quality education at minimum fees. The institution is founded on the firm belief that education is the fundamental right of every child and no child should be deorived of this basic right simply because he/she does not have access to it or realize his/her dreams. The principle focus of our school is to ensure quantum and visible improvement in the enrolement and learning levels of the underpriviledged children.


Shiv Shakti Kelavni Mandal, Bajipura is an NGO working in the tribal belt of Gujarat. The major focus of our organization is to provide with an education, Social and Econamic Development of the people and natural resource management in this drought prone region. Working since 1983, the organization has reached to more than 15000 families and tribal population of more than 150000. Without any difference of caste creed and colour would be as underfor the following onjects and aims.
  1. This trust will undertake all activities and work for the interest and benifit of the People, for economic and social development for wide spread of education.
  2. To establish, Conduct and impart education from Pre-Primary to Higher Education to run Balvadi Bal Mandir, Secondary School, Highrer Secondary School and maintain them
  3. To undergo all activities for the spread of education such as to condact and maintain Schools, Organizations, Hostels

Education and Social Welfare Programmes

Shiv Shakti Kelavni Mandal, does Education and social welfare activities since the last 15 years. It started a School Saraswati Vidhya Mandir at Bajipura, which is aided by The Government of Gujarat and also running an adult Education Centre since the last five years. The organization has conducted many Seminars and other social awarenes programmes for the development of women and children. It has conducted awareness Seminars for introducing and giving details on the new techniques of farming and agriculture and it has conducted so many programmes like envirounment day, aid career corner classes and eco club and science centre.

Cultural Activities

Shri shiv shakti Kelavni Mandal has conducted many cultural activities and celebrated Republic day and Independence day keeping in mind the spirit of NAtional Integration among all classes of peolpe. It has distributed sweets and arranged various cultural activities like Garba (Folk Dance), puppet shows and other debate and sports, Programmes during such occasions.